Event History and Results

The Great Pumpkin Classic has had American legendary marathoner Bill Rogers appear twice (and set the four mile masters course record that was never broken), three American Olympians, and an Irish National Cross Country Champion as winners.

Runners from more than 10 different countries have also run in our event.

Since 1991, the run's distance has changed a few times between a four mile run and and 3.1 mile run (5k).

5k Results

The race course was changed back to a 5k in 2012 and it was met with great fanfare as the finisher numbers jumped to 563. "The Last Hill" was eliminated from the new course and the last mile now features an entirely flat last mile run to the finish.

Year Winners
Men Home Town Time Women Home Town Time
2014 Bryan Kovalsky Ridgefield, CT 16:24 Kerri Lyons Wilton, CT 17:37
2013 James Osborn Ridgefield, CT 15:51 Mary Dolan Zengo Wilton, CT 18:37
2012 Stephen Pretak New London, CT 16:00 Colleen Beirne Milford, CT 20:18
1991 Patrick Swift Allison Suchenski

Full results can be found at the following links (when available):

Four Miler Results (1993 - 2011)

The race was switched to a four mile course in 1993 in order to host USATF State Championships for Open & Masters teams from Connecticut. It hosted 10 championships over the next 10 years.

As a four mile distance the course route was changed four different times because of road construction and in an attempt to improve traffic flow.

It had a well known 'last hill' at the start of mile 4 that was a welcomed challenge for many runners.

Year Winners
Men Home Town Time Women Home Town Time
2011 Bryan Kovalsky Ridgefield, CT 21:33 Meredith Anand Easton, CT 23:39
2010 Geoff Nelson New Fairfield, CT 21:02 Amy Fredericks Norwalk, CT 26:17
2009 Michael Tanzi Mahopac, NY 21:08 Rhonez Chumba Bridgeport, CT 25:23
2008 John Critelli Southbury, CT 20:24 Meredith Anand Easton, CT 23:36
2007 John Ciccarelli Southbury, CT 20:01 Lisa Stublic New York, NY 22:45
2006 Oscar Gonzalez-Barretto New Haven, CT 20:26 Heather Crosby Danbury, CT 24:42
2005 Bryan Kovalsky Peekskill, NY 20:21 Mary Dolan Zengo Wilton, CT 23:27
2004 Bryan Kovalsky New Rochelle, NY 20:00 Laura O'Neill, New Haven, CT 22:19
2003 Joe Lemay Danbury, CT 19:49 Heather Gardiner New Britain, CT 22:44
2002 Stephen Swift Cromwell, CT 19:57 Sue Faber Oxford, CT 23:08
2001 Tomix Costa Danbury, CT 19:32 Gordon Bakoulis New York, NY 22:07
2000 Eliud Barngetuny Ossining, NY 19:20 Zofia Wieciorkowska Stratford, CT 22:09
1999 Benedict Ako Bergenfield, NJ 18:26 Zofia Wieciorkowska Stratford, CT 21:36
1998 Joseph Lemay Danbury, CT 18:57 Zofia Wieciorkowska Stratford, CT 21:49

Full results can be found at the following links (when available):